Introduction+Sims 4 Mod


My name is Kady and I’ve been a longtime player and fan of the sims games.

It bugged me a little that adult sims could only have three CAS(main) traits.So I looked around in the extracted XML files and found a traits.traits xml that modifies the amount of slots available for each age. I’m not sure if this is something anyone is interested in, but just in case I have made it available.

This mod works by using the testing/debug cheats to add traits to a sim.

My sim with extra CAS traits

My sim with extra CAS traits

Without using the add sims trait cheat this mod will not work.

Note: I am a very beginning modder and this is a simple XML mod, so if you encounter any problems, I will try to help but my knowledge is very limited.

ALSO: I am not responsible for this mod crashing your game/computer, this is a game mod so I can’t predict every outcome. Save your game and cc before installing this mod. You are using this mod at your own risk.

Requirements: It is strongly suggested that you use these two mods:

1-[Script Mod] enable advanced debug/cheat interactionsby clown

Persistent TestingCheats – Cheats Always Enabled!

by TwistedMexi

They enable debug/testing cheats automatically without you having to type in the entire add trait cheat code. But if you’d prefer not to have this option, the mod should work anyway. However, it has not been tested without testing/debug cheats automatically enabled, so use at your own risk.

To use these automatically enabled debug cheats you must shift left click on a sim, then select edit sim info, add traits.

What this mod does

It edits the specified amount of slots for each age group except babies. Babies have not been edited because even though theoretically it’s possible to give them traits, there is no way to implement them in the game.

Depending on your personal preferences you may want less or more, so I have included 5 versions:

Version 1-2 for child, 4 for teen, 5 for YA/Adult/Elder

Version 2- 3 for child, 5 for teen, 6 for YA/Adult/Elder

Version 3- 4 for child, 6 for teen,7 for YA/Adult/Elder

Version 4- 5 for child, 7 for teen,8 for YA/Adult/Elder

Version 5-Maximum Amount- 7 for child, 9 for Teen, 10 for YA/Adult/Elder

Do not install more than one version at a time because these versions would conflict with one another as they edit the same xml file.

How it works-You can not add more traits via the CAS screen, it will show the normal amount of traits to choose from. What you must do is load your household, then click shift left click on a sim to open up the menu to choose edit sim info, add trait.

Note: You cannot add traits that conflict with each other, such as good and evil. And when adding traits to children, traits for adults or teens will either be grayed out or will simply not be added.

I have tested this and played with my sims and so far the traits work as normally as if you had added them in CAS. Enjoy! And please be gentle with me, this is my first mod, so there are sure to be errors. Constructive criticism only.

Version 1-

Version 2-

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5